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3 Reasons to Call in Our Commercial Cleaners:

1. We free up your time.

2. We help reduce costs.

3. We are reliable and trustworthy.

3 Reasons to Call for Our 

Commercial Cleaning Halifax

We Free up Your Time

Running a business, especially if it’s a growing one, can be time intensive and highly stressful.

You need every second you can get to ensure your accounts are updated, your staff are happy, incoming orders are placed and outgoing orders sent-out, and countless other things that determine whether you ultimately become one of Halifax’s many success stories, or one of its many failed SMEs.
While cleaning is important, it probably doesn’t feature high on your priority list. Nor should it.

Call in our commercial cleaners and we’ll take care of it all for you, leaving your offices or premises looking like the day you moved in, if not better!

We Help Reduce Costs

If you’re going to have “in-house” cleaners take care of keeping your commercial premises clean, you’re going to need to invest in vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies and products, and other important items.

All this adds up cost-wise. On top of that, you’ll likely need to assign cleaning duties to members of your workforce. It’ll take time for them to perform cleaning tasks, time which you’ll be ultimately be paying for.

Alternatively, you’ll need to hire dedicated new staff to act as cleaners. This is even more pricey.
Considering how cheap our commercial cleaners and carpet cleaners really are, most Halifax businesses find they save significant money when choosing our team over bringing cleaning in-house. What’s more, we provide a much more comprehensive, professional service.


We’re Reliable & Trustworthy

We’ve heard stories from Halifax clients who’ve used unreliable or even criminal cleaners in the past.

Moore Cleaning Services shows up to every scheduled appointment on time and ready to work, and only in the most bizarre or remarkable of circumstances do we ever miss one.
On top of this, you can trust us.

When letting commercial cleaners into your property you need to be sure they’re not going to take advantage of you and damage or steal your property.

Unfortunately, both of these eventualities can occur, and using unproven commercial cleaners will open you up to this risk.

Moore Cleaning Services has an extensive list of references and Testimonials, and enjoys a fantastic reputation around the Halifax area, so you know nothing will go wrong when you choose us.

Searching for a team for Commercial Cleaning Halifax?

Pick up the phone and call Moore Cleaning Services on 0800 1076095 or 07545 705 752

Office Cleaners Halifax
 Commercial Cleaning Halifax


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